Top Best Features of MS Office 16 What’s Was Best Microsoft office 2020

Top Best Features of MS Office 16  as What’s the best features of ms office mentioned below you can Free download Microsoft office 2016 today we announced the release of Free Microsoft Office 16 was awesome. I've tested some of the more remarkable new features and enhancements that come with a lot of pictures in the standard How-To Geek style screenshot tour.

Features of MircoSoft Office 2020

  1. Additional Ribbon Buttons. Outlook.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration. Word and PowerPoint.
  3. Mentions. Outlook.Publish to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  4. Publish to Power BI. Excel. 
  5. Researcher. Word.
  6. Suggest a Feature. Outlook.
  7. New and Improved Connection Options. Excel.
Download Microsoft office 2016 for family is free through the Windows Store, but its version is limited. The full suite of Office desktop applications requires access to all functionality. If you actively subscribe to Office 365, you can upgrade to Office 2016 for free. To take full advantage of Office 2016, you need a Microsoft account and a OneDrive account.

Improved Dark theme and ribbon tab text Lighting themes available in Office may not be available to all users. For users who do not like bright themes or simply can not use them, Office 2016 includes Dark theme enhancements that make it easier to use the interface, including easy-to-read features in Word's navigation pane and several Outlook readability fixes (White text with a light background, dark text with a dark background, and inactive text with unreadable text).

Ribbon tab text is no longer displayed in all caps, but the hover state of the ribbon tab has been added.

Smart View or Bing Insight "Smart Lookup" is already available in Word and Outlook and is now added to Excel and PowerPoint. This feature, also known as "Insight from Bing," allows you to gather accurate information from the context of what you are reading or writing, and display it precisely to get more information about your content.

This information is collected from a variety of sources, such as Bing Snapshot, Wikipedia, Bing image search, and Oxford dictionary, so you can do everything from quick searches to refinement without shutting down Office applications.

Insights can be accessed by right-clicking on a word or phrase, through the Review tab on the Ribbon, or through the "Tell me" box (described in the next section). Insight is provided by Bing and uses contextually relevant results with selected text and some surrounding content.

You can access the insights by selecting a word or phrase and using the right mouse button, the Review tab on the Ribbon, or the "Description" box. Insights use links and artwork that you can use to get contextually relevant results and enhance Office documents using selected text and some surrounding content.

For example, you used "smart lookup" to highlight "Office 2016" in Word and find relevant information online.

In Excel, you can use smart referrals to define numbers or equations. This is very useful for finding out more information about formulas and formulas used in Excel.

Tell Me - Natural Language Queries There are many features and commands in Office that most people do not use. Sometimes it is simply difficult to find the tools you need. To address this issue, Microsoft added the "Tell Me" feature, which first appeared in the Office Online suite, to Office 2016. The "Tell Me" feature helps you find what you need using natural language. The "Tell Me" box appears to the right of the tabs on the ribbon bar in all applications in the suite (except Publisher, OneNote, and Skype).

Now when you need to know how to protect a file in Word, create a graph in Excel, or add a signature to e-mail in Outlook, just ask in the "Tell me" box. Simply enter your question in the "Tell Me" box and you will find the best answer possible. The results displayed are actually actions you can take directly from the menu. You can also find answers on the web by choosing "Get help" for a question, or using "Smart lookup" described in the previous section.

Quick shape template This feature introduces a new "preset" style in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to increase the number of default appearance styles. You can apply a new preset style to shapes by drawing shapes in the document.

Real-time document collaboration Google Docs users have been real-time collaborating for years. However, Microsoft has finally made real-time collaboration and improvement in key applications in Office 2016. Now you can easily edit the same document in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with multiple people using Office Online or desktop Office apps.

To share a document with others, use the "Share" button on the ribbon bar in the upper-right corner of the Word window. The "Share" window allows you to save the document to a folder shared in your OneDrive account.

Note: Before you set up documents to share, you must make sure that your OneDrive account has shared folders.Other authors who have shared the document can view changes made to the document in real time, and use the "Share" button to view the document editors.

Backstage improvements Backstage screens provide updates to save, open, and search files more easily and quickly. The "Recent" file list is now categorized by document modification date and the "Browse" button has been added to improve visibility and now has faster access to the file explorer.

Convert handwritten equations to text Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now have a new feature called "ink equation" that allows you to insert a formula with your finger on a mouse, digital pen, or touch-enabled device.

Use tools as needed to create, erase, modify, or erase equations in the dialog box. The cursive formulas are converted to typed text that you can insert into your document.

This is a very convenient feature to enter long, complex equations that are easier to create.

Latest Attachments in Outlook Outlook 2016 has received some love. Attaching files is easier and more intuitive. Now you can click the "Attach" button to attach the file to your current e-mail and you will be able to see the list of files you have recently worked with on Local and OneDrive. It's very useful because the file you're trying to attach is probably the file you recently accessed or worked on. This list also includes the option to search your PC or web location if the file you want is not in your "Recent Items" list.

When you select a file to attach, the drop-down list becomes the file name with options such as changing file permissions for the recipient, opening the file location, or attaching it to a file.

There are many new features and improvements in Office 2016, such as improved syntax checking in Excel, third-party plug-in integration, improved security and management features, the latest modern charts, and other enhanced business intelligence tools. Real-time collaboration enhancements, such as Outlook's latest attachments and improved behind-the-scenes views, and interface changes are the most important changes, making Office more efficient and more productive.

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