Difference Office 365 & Between Office 2019?

There are two ways to purchase Microsoft Office. You can purchase an existing Microsoft Office 2019 product or purchase it as part of your Office 365 software subscription. The differences are as follows.

Office 2019 vs. Office 365

What’s the Difference Office 365 & Between Office 2019? SO here it is the main differences are: Office 2019 is an existing Microsoft Office product sold as a one-time advance payment. With a one-time purchase, you can purchase an edition of Office 2019 that you can install on a single PC or Mac and use as much as you want. There is no expiration date.

Office 365, on the other hand, is a new way Microsoft wants to buy Office. Instead of paying a huge up front, you can access the latest version of Office as long as you pay and pay the monthly or annual fee. You can also obtain additional OneDrive cloud storage and access Office applications for tablets. You can choose to install Office on up to five other computers, share it with your family, or use a subscription to use Office directly.

Office 2019: Traditional Software Products

Office 2019 is a traditional software product. Microsoft sells "Office Home & Student 2016" for home users and there are some expensive versions that include additional applications that business users frequently use.

An Office 2019 license will be issued if you pay the prepaid fee. Free Microsoft Office 2019 does not get a physical disk. Instead, purchase a physical "key card" with the download code or purchase an emailed digital download.

This Office package includes only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Mircosoft office 2019 full package does not include Outlook, Publisher, Or Access may not sure about this so please keep research on that point.

You can download and use Office 2019 for a long time. You own it. You will never have to pay anything else. However, if Microsoft releases a new version of Office, you must use Office 2016 until you purchase or re-issue a new version of Office.

When purchasing Office 2019, you must choose Office Home & Student 2019 for Windows PC and Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac (both $ 150). If you switch from a Mac to a Windows PC or vice versa, you will need to purchase Office again.

Office 2019 can only be installed on one PC or Mac at a time. You can disable it and move it to another PC, but you need to purchase another license key to install it on two computers at once.

Office 365 Personal: Office Subscription for One

Office 365 is Microsoft's new way of selling and deploying Office. Office 365 individuals are subscription plans that target one person who needs Office on a single computer. With Office 365, you can download and use the latest version of Office. It's Office 2019 now, but as soon as a new version is released, you can upgrade for the duration of your subscription without paying an additional fee.

You can sign up for a credit card through your Microsoft account, or you can purchase the yearly Office 365 code and add it to your account to use your subscription term. Microsoft charges $ 70 per year for Office 365 Personal or $ 7 per month. Microsoft also offers a free 1-month trial of Office 365 Personal, so you can try it out before you pay anything.

The Office 365 package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. However, it also includes Outlook, Publisher, and Access. OneDrive also offers 1TB of online storage and 60 minutes of Skype minutes per month. You can use Skype to make calls using this person.

If you are currently subscribed, you can download and use Office only through Office 365. If you stop paying your subscription, you lose access to the Office application.

When you subscribe to Office 365, you can install Office on your PC or Mac. Switching from a Mac to a Windows PC or vice versa eliminates the need for a separate fee. Disable the license on your Windows PC and install it on your Mac.

With Office 365 Personal, you can install Office on one PC or Mac at a time, and you can install one tablet (iPad, Android, or Windows tablet).

Office 365 Home: Up to 5 Office Subscriptions

Office 365 Home is a subscription plan for a family or for people who need Office on more than one computer at a time. Office 365 Home includes all the features included in Office 365 Personal, but it includes up to five computers instead of a single computer. Microsoft charges $ 100 per year or $ 10 per month for Office 365 Home. Therefore, even two people who need Microsoft Office are better than Office 365 Personal.

Office applications can be installed on up to five PCs or Macs and five tablets (iPad, Android, or Windows). With up to five Microsoft accounts each, you can get 1TB of cloud storage and up to five Skype accounts to get 60 minutes of Skype minutes per month.

Which should I buy? In the long run, Microsoft will phase out the one-off purchase version of Office,

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