Easy Way to Spreadsheets Excel Style in Microsoft Word

How To Use Excel Style Spreadsheets in Microsoft Word

Excel Style Spreadsheets in Microsoft Word processor with a basic spreadsheet like peanut butter and chocolate is a fantastic combination. When you want easy numbering in plain text documents, you can use Microsoft Word thanks to the baking feature of Excel, our sister program.

Word 's Excel spreadsheet implementation builds a small copy of the program directly into Booster' s Club in the middle of the weekly newsletter. While editing the Excel section of the document, you can access all the Excel controls as you would use Excel in its own window.

You can add standard text and numeric value cells, and especially importantly, formulas that apply only to the Excel mini-window. To insert an Excel table into Word 2019, click the "Insert" tab at the top of the window and then click the "Table" button. Click the "Excel spreadsheet" button in the drop-down menu.

Here is a basic example. Stanley Sprocket Filled the standard values ​​created for sales into standard cells and used one of the most common formulas in the cells in the last column. So, use the "sum (B2: E2)" formula for the "Yearly Total" value for "Spot Sprockets" in cell F2 to add all four values ​​and automatically sum them. You can use any formula you want in this embedded version of the program.

This is a screenshot of Word, but Excel's menus and controls appear when you edit the embedded spreadsheet. An Excel spreadsheet basically has an infinite amount of rows and columns, but it is not practical if you use that data as a table in a Word document.

To change the number of rows and columns displayed, click and drag the black rectangle that appears at the anchor point, each corner of the box around the Excel spreadsheet, and the midpoint. When you have finished editing this value, clicking on another part of the Word document resets the default formatting to the appropriate base table to print or advertise through a read-only format such as PDF.

You can adjust the width and height of the table to better match the formatting of your Word document without changing the number of columns or rows shown here.

To resume editing the spreadsheet, double-click anywhere in the spreadsheet to re-import the Excel control. If you want to share already accumulated data, you can also include an existing Excel file that you can use conveniently. In the Insert table, click the "Object" button (the small blue border below the "Text" section).

In the window that opens, click "Create from File" and then click "Browse" to locate and open the Excel spreadsheet on your computer's storage drive. Here are some other options. If you select the "Link to file" option, the spreadsheet associated with the actual Excel spreadsheet will be maintained as long as the spreadsheet viewable in Word is kept in the same location as the link. Changes made anywhere are reflected elsewhere. You can mark a spreadsheet as a simple icon in your Word document by selecting the "Show as icon" option. This icon allows you to open a spreadsheet in Excel.

When you're done, click 'OK' to insert the spreadsheet.

Depending on the Word format, you may need to resize or edit all items.

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