What’s The Latest Version of Microsoft Office

What is in Latest Version of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office 2019 latest is the latest version of Microsoft Office upcoming 2020 soon as we see for both Windows PCs and Macs. Well you cam subscribe to Office 365 here, updates are always available for the latest version of Office. If you purchase an existing single-system license, you will only be able to purchase a new version.

The latest version is Office 2019.

The latest version of Microsoft Office is Office 2019, which can be used on both Windows PCs and Macs. Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and Mac on September 24, 2018. The Windows version runs only on Windows 10. If you continue to use Windows 7, you have the latest version of Office 2016. The Mac version supports macOS 10.12 Sierra, macOS 10.13 High Sierra and macOS 10.14 Mojave.

There are also Office apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web. They are always updated with the latest software.

Despite its name, the version of Office 2019 that comes with Microsoft's Office 365 subscription service is slightly different from the traditional version of Office 2019. Office applications delivered through the Office 365 subscription service provide new functionality before standard stand-alone copies of Office 2019 are created. So if you use Office 365, Office 2019 is not a big deal.

If you are not using Office 365, upgrading from Office 2016 to Office 2019 is not a critical upgrade. Office 2019 includes improved inking in all applications (using a pen, finger, or mouse), PowerPoint Morph transitions available between slides, Outlook's "Focused Inbox" to distinguish less- And a few more features.

How to check if you have the latest version

To determine which version of Microsoft Office you are using in Windows, open an Office application, such as Word or Excel, and then click the "File" menu in the upper-left corner of the window.

Click the "Accounts" option on the sidebar menu. You can check the version of Office you are using from "Product Information" on the right side of the screen.

If you do not see the "Account" option, click "Help" instead.
In the screenshot below, we are using Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. This is the Office 365 version. You can also scroll down and find more information by clicking the "About" button on your account page (for example, "About Word" in Microsoft Word).

Next to the "About" button, you will also see the version and release channel of your Office app. In the screenshot below, you are using version 1809, released in September 2018, and you are using a monthly update channel. Half-hour channels are useful for organizations that want to reduce the frequency of updates.

For example, this window indicates that you are using the 32-bit version of Microsoft Word for Office 365. On the Mac, find this information by clicking the "About" option on the application menu.
For example, in Microsoft Word, click Word> About Word. In Microsoft Excel, click Excel> Excel Info.

How to update to the latest version

How you update depends on how you purchased Microsoft Office. When you subscribe to the Office 365 subscription service, you always have the latest version of Microsoft Office. In Office applications, you can check for updates by clicking File> Accounts> Update Options> Update Now. However, if you do not use an update that is not recommended, Office is always updated in the background.

Office 365 has another update channel. The consumer version of Office 365 is on a "monthly" update channel, which receives new features and other updates each month. 

However, if you installed the Office version through an Office 365 ProPlus subscription in your organization, you can use the "semi-star" channel. This channel is updated with new features only once every six months. Immediate security updates are offered and new Microsoft Office features are deferred.

If you're using semi-anniversary channels and want to get more feature updates, you can switch to your monthly channel. To do so, download and run the Microsoft Office Channel Channel Switcher fix. The update channel for Office products is changed and the download of the new version starts automatically.

If you do not have Office 2019, you can do so by subscribing to Microsoft's Office 365 subscription service or by purchasing a single PC or Mac license for Office 2019 and installing it on your system.
If you purchase Office 2019 instead of subscribing to Office 365, it will not automatically update to the next major release of Office. However, when you subscribe to Office 365, you automatically receive the latest information from the latest Office software.

Office 365 is especially useful if you want to install Office on more than one PC. Office 365 Personal costs $ 70 per year, and you can install Office on a single PC or Mac.

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