Top The Best Microsoft Office alternatives in 2021

Top 10 Microsoft Office alternatives in 2020 which can be used 

MS Office alternative is good to use but however Microsoft remains the most popular productivity suite for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, but with IT departments that need to balance budgets, a range of alternatives has become increasingly attractive.

This is no less important because the software license fees for alternative office suites can be competitive, and some are even free to use. However, paying less or nothing does not necessarily mean that the software is of lower quality, as the open-source community can testify.

List of Top 10 Microsoft Office alternatives Mention below.

  1. FreeOffice
  2. LibreOffice
  3. WPS Office
  4. iWork
  5. Calera
  6. OfficeSuite
  7. Polaris Office
  8. OnlyOffice
  9. Word Perfect
  10. Apache OpenOffice
We've also highlighted the best free word

However, Microsoft Office alternative there may be problems when sharing documents between different office suite platforms, which can be a real concern. A specific example is that a document saved in .doc or .docx format on a free software platform such as Open Office may not retain its format when it is loaded in Microsoft Word, although the file type should not be a problem.

That's why when choosing an alternative to Microsoft Office, you should be sure of any deficit that may limit your use of the software, especially if you need to share or collaborate on documents with other users who have one or more different office suites.

If you are using the Office alternative as a separate piece of software, there should be no such problems, but it is something to consider if you end up switching to a different software package.

That said, the best in Microsoft Office alternatives are generally solid programs with full functionality and few problems to share files with other platforms. Here we will show the best of them, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Read More Explain About here: Ms. Office Alternative

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